A lesson learned after spending 7 years chasing — and accomplishing — my dream.

Woman pointing at the sun during a golden sunset.
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I was in tears moments before I walked onto the stage.

It was finally happening. Seven years in the making, my dream of dancing on one of the world’s most competitive stages was about to come true. …

Surface-level change does nothing for your future self.

Man looking solemnly at you with half his face in shadow.
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I used to lie to myself every day.

Each morning, I’d wake up and walk myself through a bunch of habits that promised to change my life. Meditate for 5 minutes? Check. Write down 3 things I’m grateful for? Coffee, books, and coffee. Check.

Then when my day truly started…

Don’t achieve goals only to regret how you did it later on.

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My mom is an immigrant who worked hard to start a life here in Canada. She recently told me that all she wants to do is to move back to the place she worked so hard to leave.

Here’s something she confessed to me:

“I worked so hard all those…

The only meaningful jobs I’ve worked in my 20s came when I dared to fake it.

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Six months ago, I got hired to build a website for a church. And I had no clue how to do it.

I was surfing on Indeed to see what types of jobs were out there for when I finally graduated from University when I saw their post. …

It helped make cigarettes a status symbol, so what can we learn from it?

An old advertisement for Lucky Strike cigarettes.
Ad for Lucky Strike cigarettes. Source: Google Images

“How do we get people to want something they don’t need?”

This question is what birthed modern marketing, and it’s still the vital question every modern marketing campaign needs to answer to see success.

Yes, finding the answer to this question does come with a side-effect of queasiness in the…

Deeply understanding death is the first step to becoming truly alive.

Statue of a woman holding someone who is deceased.
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Before I knew it, my face was in an airbag.

I was cruising home, vibing to good music, and soaking in the warm sunshine when the car in front of me attempted a U-turn. No signal. My state of being completely shifted in an instant.

You see, there’s a…

Life lessons learned from people who lived life unconventionally.

Sunset on El Capitan in Yosemite
El Capitan. Photo by Daniel Gorostieta from Pexels

Happiness is only real when shared.

These were some of the last written words of a dying man. Christopher McCandless, someone who went on a solitary journey to the wilderness and died, seemed to have gone through a huge perspective shift in his last moments.

He left behind civilization because…

People only hurt others because of their own hurt.

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“Because it’s a Tuesday”. Those four words saved hundreds of lives.

Those words were said to an angry teenager who was days away from shooting up his high school. His name was Aaron Stark, and you might’ve seen his viral TED talk.

To sum it up, Aaron was abused, neglected…

Having your head in the clouds doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Woman holding the moon in front of a sunset
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“Be realistic”.

There was a time in my life where I heard that advice being given to me quite often. After conjuring up a dream of mine and timidly sharing it with the people around me, those two words meant that I had my head stuck in the clouds.


Shallow connections are the foundation of deep relationships

Two girls sitting in an alcove in a wall
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There’s a lot of virtual talk being had about recognizing the shallow relationships in your life and how to properly cut them off.

But I say that’s ridiculous. One of my closest friends came from a shallow relationship that lasted years.

We treated each other as a means to end…

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